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POS(Prosedur Operasional Standar) Akreditasi Sekolah/Madrasah Tahun 2018

National Accreditation Board School / Madrasah (BAN-S / M) set tagline: Quality Accreditation for Quality Education. The tagline is intended to strengthen and actualize the motto of BAN-S / M: professional, trustworthy, and open. Quality accreditation for quality education has four pillars. First, quality devices. BAN-S / M seeks to refine the Accreditation Tool as a valid and realiable quality education assessment tool with reference to the National Education Standards and related Regulations. Quality devices consist of Instruments, Technical Guidelines, Supporting Data and Information and Scoring Techniques. Accreditation Tool is prepared in easy and simple language so as not to cause misunderstandings and differences of opinion between schools / madrasah with assessors. The tools are arranged in a simpler way making it easier for schools / madrasas to prepare for accreditation and during visitation. Accreditation tools can be accessed through BAN-S / M website, Education Office, Ministry of Religious Affairs Office (Kemenag) RI, and other media so that can be studied. 

BAN-S / M has set the number and list of target schools / madrasah to be accredited in 2018 in each province based on BAN-S / M databases of unaccredited schools / madrasah and schools / madrasah that must be re-accredited. The list of schools / madrasahs is obtained from BAP-S / M after going through the verification process at the end of 2017. Based on these data, BAN-S / M has set the quota of number of schools / madrasah per province to be accredited through APBN cost in 2018.  
The priority order of schools / madrasah that must be accredited in 2018 through APBN funds are: (1) unaccredited schools / madrasahs; (2) schools / madrasah that have expired 2 years or more; and (3) schools / madrasah that have expired 1 year accreditation period. In addition, schools / madrasah located in the Leading, Outermost, Disadvantaged (3T) areas are also a priority for accreditation. The total number of schools / madrasah of accreditation target of APBN funds in 2018 is 54,000 schools / madrasah. 

POS (Standard Operational Procedure) Accreditation of School / Madrasah Year 2018  Here

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